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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

  • Sandleford & Junior School Open Morning - Thursday 13 February

  • Senior School & Sixth Form Open Morning - Friday 13 March

Play in a Day

On Wednesday, 7 November, Year 7 took part in a Play in a Day, directed by Head of Drama, Mrs Chaplin, and Head of Dance, Mrs Hastings. This year’s theme was ‘The History of Penicillin’ which followed the journey of how penicillin was first discovered.

The evening was a great success and by the end of the show the audience had explored, alongside the cast, this complex area of science. Charlotte H, a drama scholar, who played Alexander Fleming gave an enthralling performance, showing much thought and commitment had gone into developing his true characteristics. While Emelia J, also a drama scholar, took us back in time as the lovable and rather eccentric Mr Fizz. Elspeth M, played the classroom teaching assistant who was a little too keen to please and complimented Mr Fizz with a true talent for comedic timing.

The evening saw the girls perform the famous 1920’s Charleston as a celebration of discovery while meeting a selection of eccentric scientists from around the world.

In this cross-curricular production, the girls developed their drama and dance skills as well as their understanding of the history of penicillin.  The audience was particularly impressed with the performers' ability to remember complex scientific terminology.