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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Aims & Objectives

Our Mission

To offer an education that is both balanced in its approach and inspirational in its content, within a community based on mutual respect and collaboration, and to create an environment where pupils are confident, engaged and happy.

Our Aims

We will be unswerving in our commitment:

  • To provide an educational environment that provides both space and time for our pupils to mature, to learn about and be confident in themselves, to explore and discover their abilities and to excel.
  • To create a pathway to academic success through a balanced approach where excellence is encouraged and wellbeing is paramount.
  • To ensure our pupils feel supported within a community that is founded on a mutual understanding and respect of and for each other, where they feel safe, valued and able to express themselves as individuals free from prejudice, injustice, inequality, or sexism.
  • To inspire our pupils to be curious and creative in their approach to learning, to challenge and question and develop a life-long passion for learning.
  • To ensure our pupils acquire the personal skills and resources that will support them now and in the future.

St Gabriel’s Ethos

Children join St Gabriel’s with many different interests, strengths and aspirations. Our responsibility is to create a pathway to academic success and to acquiring the personal skills to pursue their ambitions.

 Push too hard and we fall over; the same is true in education. Our pupils succeed academically because we give them the space and time to mature, to be confident, fulfilled and happy in their studies and co-curricular life. The pastoral care offered individually, in tutor groups and across the school community is exemplary and essential to the wellbeing of our pupils, enabling them to manage the pressures of the world in which we live.

We are proud to be a school that allows the strength of personal relationships to form and develop. It is our size that makes us what we are; a school for the individual, a school where your child will be noticed for all the right reasons, a school where we can enjoy community. It is from this position that we work in partnership to ensure that your child becomes the success they deserve to be. 

St Gabriel’s: a school founded on community, inspiration, understanding and balance.