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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s


Our parents are a valued part of the school community and are always welcome to visit the school.  If you wish to meet with a member of the academic staff or the Principal, please contact the School Office on 01635 555680.

Most of the school's communications with parents is through our Parent Portal.  The school calendar, your child's timetable, reports, team lists, and menus may all be found on our Parent Portal.

We hope that you will feel part of St Gabriel’s and enjoy attending the many events and performances held at the school, and our sports teams always appreciate parental support from the side lines. Gabbies, our school café, is a perfect location to meet and catch up with other parents and you are welcome to do this at drop off and pick up times. 

For those parents who have the time, and wish to be more involved in the school, we have an active team of Parent Form Representatives who have regular meetings with the Principal to share feedback and suggestions from the parent body. If this is a role that might be of interest to you, please contact the school office on 01635 555680 or email

We are also very fortunate to have a proactive Parent Teachers Association (PTA) who support the school in fundraising and host some wonderful events for the school community throughout the year. The PTA also organise the second-hand school uniform shop. You can find more information on the PTA here.

"St Gabriel's helps raise polite self confident young adults with principles. With small class sizes children must join in with discussions which builds confidence and helps them get a real sense of who they are. I can't praise the Head enough for making my daughter feel cherished and welcomed. She did attend another school for a very short time, and as a result came to fully appreciate the unique, caring school that St. Gabriel's is. They offer the best teaching without the pressure many schools pile on!"

"Teacher support is second to none!"

"Since my daughter started the school 2 years ago her confidence has grown considerably, she is more resilient and comfortable in her own skin. The school has supported her on this journey and has been proactive in identifying opportunities to help her develop."

"From the start, I have been impressed with the excellent level of pastoral care offered by St Gabriel's. The school seems to have a highly respectful and caring atmosphere. This is offered by staff and students alike."

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