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Digital Learning

In the Senior School, we recognise the power of appropriate digital tools and technology to maximise the outcomes of all our learners. While digital technology is already well embedded throughout the school, we are constantly seeking to enhance our understanding of how best to deploy the vast range of apps, websites and game-based learning tools available to raise attainment and promote digital literacy.  

From September 2024, we have partnered with HardSoft who offer flexible leasing and purchase options for devices.  Pupils have a choice between two devices.  Further information on these and purchasing options can be found in our Devices Brochure 2024.

For pupils joining the Senior School in September 2024, orders must be placed by 31 July 2024 to ensure your device is ready for delivery at the start of the school year.   The order form can be found here.

Students ordering replacement devices that wish to take advantage of the trade-in offer should contact Mrs Stevens by 28 June 2024.

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions around purchase and use of devices in the Senior School.

Can I purchase a device from somewhere other than HardSoft? 

In order to ensure consistency between students and to guarantee that devices are enroled in the school device management system, we ask that devices are leased or purchased through HardSoft.  If there are any exceptional circumstances that mean this is not possible, then please contact Mrs Stevens before Friday 5 July. 

Do I need to buy any additional accessories? 

In addition to the device, pupils will require headphones.  These should be discrete, in-the-ear headphones (not the large over the ear type). Simple, inexpensive wired ones are preferred.   

What software will be used? 

We are a Microsoft school, and all students will have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications through their school email account. Installation of any additional software that may be needed will be managed in school. 

How will you ensure safety online? 

Online safety is of the utmost priority.  Devices in school access the Internet via the school’s monitored and filtered dedicated wi-fi network and students are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy that is rigorously enforced. Educating students about safe online behaviours forms a key part of our PSHE programme delivered through our pastoral system. 

Will devices be used in every lesson? 

The use of technology in education has developed significantly over recent years and as a school we are keen to unlock the many learning opportunities it affords.  We recognise the huge benefits technology can bring to our students’ learning when blended with traditional methods.  Devices may not always be used in every lesson but will be used in a thoughtful and considered way to support student achievement and engagement.  

Where will students keep their devices?

All pupils are allocated a digital device locker in their form room.  If a student is taking part in an after-school sports activity, Sports Hall lockers can be used.

Can the device be charged during the day?

Devices must come to school fully charged.  The school will not provide plugs, charging cables or charging capabilities.