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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Enrichment & Co-curricular

In the Junior School there are many enrichment opportunities inside and outside the classroom, with all pupils being actively encouraged to take on new challenges and embrace a growth mindset. There are competitions throughout the year that challenge our most able pupils from poetry recitals to writing workshops, quizzes and maths challenge days. An extensive co-curricular timetable enables our pupils to develop their talents further, whether this is in languages, sport, music, drama or dance. We aim to identify and nurture your child’s talents and allow them to flourish.

There are frequent trips, visits and visitors to help pupils link their learning to the real world. Most visits take place during the school day, with the addition of the following residential trips:

Year 4
Lulworth Cove
(one night)

Year 5
(four nights)

Year 6
Mill On The Brue Activity Centre, Somerset
(four nights)

Our pupils’ leadership skills develop in the classroom with pupils taking roles of responsibility in the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms, whilst in Year 3 - Year 6 pupils elect a Form Captain and Deputy Captain. Pupils are also elected onto a dynamic School Council, which meets fortnightly to raise issues and discuss new ways to ensure the growth and progress of the school community.  These roles develop in Year 6 with the addition of further posts of responsibility, including Head Girl and Boy.

Pupils’ efforts and achievements are celebrated throughout the year in assemblies and our weekly newsletter, as well as at an annual prize-giving and celebration day at the end of the school year.

Clubs and Practices

Within school we run a full programme of extra-curricular clubs and practices for our pupils to explore.  From football to chess, Cineclub to orchestra, trampolining to languages, there is plenty for our pupils to do at lunchtime as well as before and after school.

The equestrian team welcomes everyone who has a horse or pony, and some means of getting it to competitions. Riders compete at all levels and abilities in a league run jointly by six local schools and a second run by the National Schools Equestrian Association.

Pathfinders Club

This is an outdoor education after school club for Year 4 - Year 6.  Children take part in a number of activities, including outdoor games, crafts, bushcraft and environmental activities, completing challenges to earn badges.  Each term pupils will be working towards a minimum of two badges.  

The Junior Duke Award

The Junior Duke, which was set up in 2007, is a nine-level award challenge aimed at helping children become more independent and confident in dealing with new situations.  It offers children the opportunity to gain new experiences while being introduced to new skills, talents and passions along the way.  Each year group has 10 challenges to choose from and must complete seven to achieve the award and receive their Junior Duke Award badge and certificate.

Year 3 Junior Duke Bronze Award
Year 4 Junior Duke Silver Award
Year 5 Junior Duke Gold Award
Year 6 Junior Duke Platinum Award

“Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” 

George Patton

Our pupils love to be challenged both in and out of the classroom and, from Year 1, they start to understand that there might not always be a right or wrong answer.

The Junior Challenge Award (JCA) encourages pupils to develop as independent learners, embracing our on-going commitment to enrich the curriculum for all pupils.  The scheme consists of seven challenges, which pupils work on throughout their time in Year 3 to Year 6. To earn the JCA, pupils complete all the challenges, recording their undertakings in a portfolio or on their own blog. To date, these records have included written, photographic and artistic interpretations of the students’ endeavours.

The second phase of the JCA is aimed primarily at pupils in Years 5 and Year 6 although anyone who has completed the first phase may take up this double challenge.