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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 7 perform their 'Play in a Day'

On Thursday 9 November, Year 7 took part in the much anticipated 'Play in a Day'

Throughout the day, Year 7 devised a piece of Drama and Dance based upon the theme of space and time travel. The performance was a collection of scenes sending our pupils on a mission to save the history of our school as it swept into a black hole after an asteroid hits the spaceship Gabriel. 

The students used a variety of theatrical skills to enhance their performance, from flying through space in slow motion, to creating tablaux’s of our past and, of course, exploring the idea of flashbacks to recreate historical events linked to our school. The performances by both classes were outstanding. They showed fantastic performance and collaborative skills throughout, creating wonderful final pieces.

It's been so much fun to learn about St Gabriel's history in a really interesting way!


I have really enjoyed working with everyone in Year 7 and meeting new people in my year group. 


We've been developing our drama skills, such as expressing ourselves through body language. 


The play today is about the history of St Gabriel's with science and space mixed into it!