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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Laura Farris MP Visits the Senior School

Laura Farris, the MP for Newbury, came to visit the school for a Q&A session with the Senior School. 

It was a fascinating talk, where we learnt about the behind-the-scenes of politics which affects us all on a daily basis. What’s more is that, for those of us who are planning to go into the legal field or politics in the future, it was really helpful to hear about Laura’s journey to where she is today and the steps she took to get there.

Pupils from all across the school had the opportunity to ask questions that were either put forward by their form group or questions of their own, allowing everyone to have a chance to ask about something important to them. There was a huge range of questions, from things like, what Laura’s favourite part of her job is, to what inspired her to go into politics, to the advice she would give to someone wanting to follow a similar path to hers. I personally found it interesting to know that Laura wanted to go into politics from such a young age and also how she changed paths from politics to law, and then back to politics, as someone who is planning on going into law but is also interested in politics. 

Over the summer, I also had the opportunity to gain work experience working in Laura Farris’s office here in Newbury. It put into perspective how many issues that local people experience are dealt with by Laura and her office and just how much they are able to help our local community. Moreover, it was inspiring to be able to get hands-on experience of what goes on in the governing of our country on a local scale and how that relates on a national level. 

From talking to everyone else in school, it was such an interesting experience. 

- Megan, Year 13