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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Life as an Auctioneer

On Thursday, 5 October, Sarah Dance came into school to talk about her life and studying History of Art and Anthropology at university in London, before embarking on a career as an auctioneer and valuer of horse drawn carriages.

She began talking about her childhood experiences; how she grew up with horses, and how she lived on a farm. It was great to hear about her background, as allowed us to compare her childhood on a farm with our own, and reflect on how different generations can grow up in completely different environments. Sarah explained the importance of her work as an intern at Christie’s, and how having that experience on her CV opened doors for her in future career. She then outlined about how she obtained her job as an specialist auctioneer of horse drawn carriages despite the suggestions that 'they couldn’t employ her because she was a woman.’ She showed determination and got the job anyway. She now works as a consultant, writer and equestrian commentator, alongside running a smallholding.

This was an inspirational talk because she set a prime example of how powerful women can be and the importance of following your convictions. Listening to her discuss the changes in her career path was valuable, because we will most likely be the same in the future; career hopping. Thank you, Sarah, for an intriguing talk.

Year 9