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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 7 Team Building Adventure

On Friday 9 October, Year 7 pupils enjoyed an adventure day in the woods on the grounds of St Gabriel's.  The aim of the day was to build collaborative skills and have fun too.  Some of the girls have shared their favourite aspects.

I most enjoyed the den building because although we got muddy, we had a fun time, and used teamwork to make a nice sturdy den.  I learned that I really like blackberry lemonade, sharing ideas and it's quite easy to fold a burrito.


I really enjoyed the den building because it made us all work  together equally.  I learned that you could cook tomatoes and onions with a blowtorch!  I discovered that the school's wood is huge!

penny, year 7

I enjoyed the den building because I had chance to explore the woods even more.  

mia, year 7

I enjoyed the den building and the teamwork. I liked building up the sticks to create a den. I also liked making the interior. It was also funny when the two Sophia’s came back with long trees! I learnt: teamwork is very important, you can roast beetroot and if you work together a lot more gets done.


I enjoyed the den building because we got to create a den design with our tutor groups.   I learnt how to fold a burrito, how to build a den and how to play the wolf game.

sophia, year 7

I really enjoyed the den building in the woods, as we had to work as a team. It was fun to carry logs back, even though they were heavy! I learnt that I can be a good team leader, building a den is not that difficult and you can blowtorch tomatoes.

maia, year 7

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Den building in St Gabriel's woods