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Geography allows pupils to delve deeper into the fascinating and amazing world in which we live. Pupils explore a variety of cultures, landscapes and places. We equip pupils with an extensive toolkit to enable them to interpret maps, photographs, data, graphs and satellite images. We encourage pupils to keep abreast of current issues and these are regularly discussed in lessons to put geographical theory into context.

Fieldwork is an integral part of Geography and allows pupils to experience “real geography” and further their understanding of geographical processes and concepts.  We offer a wide range of fieldwork opportunities locally, regionally and overseas. Recent field trips have included a residential visit to Sicily, investigating coastal management at Swanage Bay, evaluating urban regeneration in Bristol and visiting the Natural History Museum.

Year 7-9 Geography

Pupils gain a sense of their place in the world through an understanding of a range of physical and human geography topics and map skills. 'You should never have to rely on the satnav…'.  Understanding our past and present geography can help pupils form opinions about their future and enable them to think through environmental challenges.

Challenge & Extension: Pupils keep abreast of current issues through regular reading of news articles and subject specific periodicals. They are encouraged to discuss issues and form their own opinions from a recommended reading list and other media.

Year 10-11 Geography GCSE

We take pupils across the globe, widening their knowledge and giving them a thirst for more while maintaining a balance between physical and human geography.  In response to today’s rapidly evolving world, pupils study highly relevant topics, such as resource management and urban environments, with an emphasis on contemporary issues such as climate change and sustainability.

Challenge & Extension:  Pupils keep abreast of current issues through regular reading of news articles and subject specific periodicals and books. They are also encouraged to watch programmes such as ‘Blue Planet 2' (BBC1), ‘In Search of the Lost Girl’ by Chris Packham and ‘Expedition Volcano’ (BBC2) so that they consider issues from a range of perspectives and can challenge preconceived ideas.