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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 8 Visit Hengistbury Head

Our Year 8 geographers travelled down to Hengistbury Head in Dorset to conduct some beach studies. 

On the beach, Year 8 tested all the theories they had been learning about in the classroom.  First they counted waves to find out what type they were, before having great fun measuring the speed of longshore drift by throwing oranges into the swash and measuring how far they travelled in 3 minutes.  As it was a very windy day, the oranges sped off down the coast! 

After a quick spot of lunch, their attention then turned to the pebbles on the beach and whether erosion had been acting upon them and if they changed size and shape along the beach.  After walking all the way along the beach to the spit, they were able to catch the land train to take them back to the school coach!