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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 8 Trip to Pitt Rivers

Year 8 visited Pitt Rivers Museum and the Oxford Museum of National History in September. 

The trip to Pitt Rivers was really engaging. We enjoyed the section with the ancient weapons because it was interesting and there were a lot of exciting things like a ship and two cannonballs; there were also some beautiful swords. In the centre of the museum, there was a totem pole that held majestic creatures carved out of it such as a monkey and a bird. There were also some pretty ceramics and some intricate aboriginal art. On the second floor, there were some useful things made of plastic bottle caps and old pieces of metal. There was a basket made of metal and covered in plastic bottle caps for decoration. In the Oxford Museum of National History, there were curious animals such as a dodo and a pipefish. One of our favourite items to draw was the ship because the angles made mathematical sense to us!

- Alexandra and Caitlin, Year 8