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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

The Blood Brothers Experience​​​​​​​

On Wednesday, February 28th, students from Year 10 Drama GCSE and Year 9 scholars ventured to the Mayflower Theatre for an insightful excursion. The objective? Witnessing a performance of "Blood Brothers," a renowned musical set in Liverpool spanning the tumultuous decades from the 1960s to the 1980s, portraying the intertwined lives of separated twins.

As the curtains unveiled the narrative, students were enveloped in a tapestry of familial complexities, superstition, and emotional turbulence. Through a diverse cast, the starkly divergent paths of the protagonist twins, Mickey and Eddie, unfolded, culminating in a resonant and impactful finale.

Post-performance, students were abuzz with enthusiasm and introspection, lauding the exceptional performances and musical proficiency exhibited onstage.

Continuing their exploration of dramatic arts, on Friday, March 1st, actor Joe Sleight facilitated a workshop at St. Gabriel's. Over the course of three immersive hours, students delved into the emotional intricacies of "Blood Brothers," refining their physical and vocal techniques to authentically convey the characters' depth.

As part of the workshop, students provided detailed critiques for Sleight to convey to the production team. Their insightful feedback received commendation, including acknowledgment from Bill Kenwright Productions, underscoring the depth of their engagement.