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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

‘Jubilant, upbeat and exciting’

Review of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

On 13 of June, Year 8 boarded the coach and set out for the Globe Theatre on London’s Bankside. In soaring temperatures, we stood for the performance which means we were the authentic ‘groundlings’. The immersive experience made the production ten times better, with characters moving through the audience, and interactions with the actors on stage.

For me, the comedic characters such as Bottom and Puck were the highlight of the show. Michelle Terry, who played Puck, was frightening and comedic, whilst Mariah Gale, playing Bottom, was humorous and entertaining. The scenes involving these two were a joy to watch as everyone was laughing and having a good time.

I agree with the critics when they say ‘the all-female mechanicals are fun’ because I thought the idea of making all the mechanicals female was great, especially since in Shakespeare’s time women were forbidden from taking part in plays. Compared to the other version of this play that I have seen at the Globe, this performance was less colourful, the theme was more like a dark forest with magical creatures. The wonderful costumes, by leading designer Takis, showed this very well, for example, the fairies had headpieces made of sticks and Puck’s costume was green and brown with a mask decorated with moss.

As well as the cast being predominantly women, there were other inclusive parts to the cast. Francesca Mills, who was diagnosed with dwarfism at a young age, made a dynamic and engaging Hermia. Also, the Globe has shown its appreciations for transgender actors because Rebecca Root (a transgender woman) played the part of Peter Quince. My favourite part had to be when the band were playing and the actors would dance around on stage and the audience clapped to the beat. It created a joyous atmosphere, and it was fulfilling to be a part of.

The play was wonderful and stayed true to the original but with a modern new spin. If you enjoy comedy and Shakespeare, I would recommend that you go and watch this show but make sure to rush as it is closing on 12 August. As a whole, the play was a jubilant, upbeat and exciting performance. I can’t wait to go back and see what they have in store next! Year 8 had a great time, and we hope it is not our last trip there!

- Lizzy T and Ellie A