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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

House pride and art combines!

Our Year 9 pupil, Elsy, has been integral in the completion of a house banners project!

Head of Art, Mr Spurrett, organised this project to increase art participation in school. The pupils each designed a square in the house colours which would be stitched together to create beautiful patchwork banners.

Elsy took on the challenge of stitching the banners together and finishing them to a high standard. Each banner took four to five hours to complete, and the result is fantastic! We would like to thank Elsy for the effort she put in to completing these banners.

Projects such as these are an amazing way to reinvigorate house spirit in the school and are certainly appreciated by pupils and staff alike.

When talking to Elsy about her participation in this project, she discussed her future which involves taking textiles further. She wants to study the subject at GCSE as well as going on to study it at university. She has a keen interest in surfing and wants to combine the two and focus on wetsuit design.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this project and thank you to Elsy for her excellent work. The banners are shown below and will be on display next term.

- Emily Jennings