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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

HPQ Success

In 2019, twelve Year 9 students took up the challenge of undertaking the Higher Project Qualification (a GCSE standard qualification) as an extension activity. Their project findings were due to be presented and essays completed shortly after the UK went into lockdown. Undeterred the students completed their presentations and essays in the autumn and we have just received the results from the examination board. We delighted that all students passed this qualification and 11 of the projects received A/A* grades.

The topics explored by the students included:

  • Why are there fewer women than men in the engineering profession?
  • Does religion have a positive or negative impact on morality?
  • MOM vs MAVEN - why are these launches completely different even if they have the same destination?
  • Does the placebo effect treat illnesses? 
  • The impact and events of the Armenian Genocide: Devastating or Fake News?
  • Can I write a blog to help spread awareness on mental health?
  • Should the NHS pay for the treatment of conditions arising from alcohol misuse?
  • What is the most significant factor that has contributed to the rise of Fast Fashion?
  • Is Mars a suitable planet for human life?
  • How does the legal status differ between the Vestal Virgins and the average wealthy Roman woman?
  • Fast Fashion - Is the price more important than the cost?
  • What makes a good song - the lyrics or the music?