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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Hengistbury Head 2019

On a beautifully sunny day in the first week of October, the whole of year 8 headed down to Hengistbury Head in Christchurch, Dorset to study and observe coastal processes in action. 

After walking up Warren Hill, to observe the landscape around them, they drew a field sketch of Christchurch Harbour, they then headed down to the beach where they investigated the speed and direction of longshore drift using oranges, the types of breaking waves and the sizes of pebbles on different parts of the beach to see where erosion was most active. 

During their time on the beach, many girls noticed how much plastic had been washed up during the storms in the proceeding weeks, so they all played their part to help clean up the beach and had filled a whole refuse sack with plastic waste by the time they reached the start of Mudeford spit. 

Buoyed by their good deeds and armed with lots of excellent data to analyse in future geography lessons, there was just enough time for a quick ice cream before heading back to school to complete a very successful field trip.