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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Be the Best

Sian Thomas, Senior Talent - Lead Recruiter for the army, delivered an eye-opening talk on army careers to Year 10 and 12 before students participated in an action packed morning of outdoor teamwork activities.  

Sian’s talk outlined the purpose of the British Army by explaining their multiple roles in protecting the UK, preventing conflict, dealing with disasters and fighting the nation's enemies. She encouraged students to think carefully about what they will be looking for in their careers. She stressed the benefit of working as part of a team, in a respected organisation such as the army, describing the opportunities for adventure, challenge, travel and the chance to make a difference. The army offers 50+ officer roles with career paths including medical, engineering, intelligence, IT, logistics, finance, HR and music as well as combat. Discovering that the army is the largest employers of full time musicians in the UK was a big surprise to many of the audience.  The Q &A session allowed students to find out more about the army and to dispel some of the myths about their work through explaining the variety of humanitarian work they carry out. The opportunity to be sponsored during  A-levels or university or to take a gap year with the army was food for thought.

"The instructors were good at answering our questions and developing our understanding of what the army does."

Joanna Y10

"The army training was great fun and made me consider joining the army in the future."

Grace Y10

Army day

"The activities were a great way to share ideas and it was a good team building exercise"

Eloise y10

Photos from this event can be viewed in our gallery.