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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Ageing Creatively

Pupils from St Gabriel’s school visited Argyles Care Home recently in collaboration with the Corn Exchange as part of the 'Words Together - Ageing Creatively Programme'.

Poet and author, Becci Louise facilitated the workshops, helping students to develop their poetry writing and performance skills.

The students spent their first visit asking questions they had prepared and listening to an array of childhood stories about simple past times of making jam, school life and adventures across the globe. Pupils prepared for their second visit by revisiting their notes and creating poetry, enabling residents’ memories to live on for many years to come.  

During their second visit, the pupils were inspired to share the stories and poetry they created. Sarah, Year 9, turned Joan’s dream of learning the piano into reality by offering her a lesson and Lily, Year 9 revisited the care home with new jam recipes, even transferring the ingredients into the old imperial system of measurements for her.

I am so impressed with the bond the two generations made, I am in discussion with the Argyles Care Home to continue this partnership.  



piano lesson

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