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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 7 Delve into Detective Mode

Pupils in Year 7 have been immersing themselves in Murder Mystery during recent English lessons.  Getting to grips with the seemingly perfect crime and unpredictable whodunits has made for strong engagement in the thrill of  the detective genre.   

Havana, created a terrifying story about a killer known as the "Ace of Spades" read the terrifying extract below.

Zara's story centred around a trip on the Pacific that goes horribly wrong "Blood Stained Cruise"

Penny and Grace created their detective stories in audio. 

Penny produced: A Sting in the Blackness                            Grace produced: Dinner Death Disaster

Natasha, created a chilling read about a  Murder in the Theatre, below is an extract.

Camilla created these illustrations to accompany her detective story.

Georgina, created a story based around a Kidnap in Paris and designed this book cover.