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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Welcome Mrs Wellard-Hughes

We are pleased to welcome Mrs Jennifer Wellard-Hughes to St Gabriel's as Head of English this term.

Mrs Wellard-Hughes has always loved reading, was a huge Harry Potter fan as a child, and studied English at the University of Leicester.  She graduated with a first and was awarded the Dr Henry Wallace prize for the final-year English student with the highest average across their second and third year. Her dissertation focused on The Influence of Medieval Piety on John Donne's 'Divine Poems', and she also had a passion for exploring contemporary women’s writing and feminist literary theory. 

 I love the way that through reading you can step out of everyday experience and into different lives, places, times and even worlds!  As a teacher, I also enjoy the vast range of different opinions that students can bring to a text or a topic, there is always something to discuss or debate!   


Mrs Wellard-Hughes' first month at St Gabriel’s has flown by,  getting to know all the students, and finding her way around the beautiful grounds.