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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Shakespeare Week

We are celebrating the anniversary of the English playwright William Shakespeare’s birth and death on the 23 April by looking back at the activities of Shakespeare Week which happened recently in the Junior School.

Reception pupils watched the CBeebies version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In small groups, they built fairy houses for Titania, Oberon, Puck, and Cobweb. The fairies had soft mossy beds, stick walls, fires made from sticks, landscaped gardens, and even a leaf trampoline!  Year 1, children listened to the story of Midsummers Night Dream and then pretended they were Puck and used natural materials to make love potions in the woods.

Year 3 pupils went on a scavenger hunt to find plants mentioned in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’​.  They found ivy, violets, oak trees, and primroses. Also, they worked in groups to find aA place where fairies might hide​ a patch of soft moss upon which Titania might sleep​ Items that Puck might use to make a spell.

 "Our woods are​ Dark​, Mysterious​ and a place where magic could happen".


Year 5 was extremely busy after reading The Tempest as part of Shakespeare Wee, they created and performed news reports telling of storms, magic, rivalry, and love in the middle of the Mediterranean.  They were also set a Shakespeare challenge in the woods and performed Act II Scene 1 from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ amongst the trees, they​  used our own natural theatre to perform.  They took it in turns to be Oberon, Titania, and Puck.