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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Junior, Senior & Sixth Form Registration Form

Application for a Place at St Gabriel’s

Applicant Information

Is English the first language?*

Parent Information

Do both parents have parental responsibility for the applicant?*

Previous Education

Skills and Interests

Individual Needs

The Individual Needs Department would appreciate knowing whether your child has had any educational support or assessments*


Where did you hear about St Gabriel’s?


Please provide more information below if any of the following circumstances apply to this application:

1. The child has any known medical condition or health problem
2. The parents are separated or divorced
3. There are any Court Orders in relation to the child
4. There are any Court Orders in relation to either parent
5. The child may be unable to play a full part in the sporting curriculum of the school
6. The child has been dismissed or removed from a school for misconduct

Notes and Enclosures

• Registration does not commit the school or the parents to an offer of a place
• Offers of places are made subject to availability and the entry requirements of the school at the time of offer
• Early registration is recommended. Registrations are considered in accordance with our admissions policy
• Parents should read our Terms & Conditions before signing
• Registration is subject to a non returnable fee.
£75.00 Reception to Year 2
£100.00 Year 3 to Year 13
• For children in the nursery, who would like to also register for Reception, an additional £250.00 registration fee is payable. This second registration fee will guarantee your child's place in Reception and will be credited back to you against your child’s first term’s fees in the Reception class. 
• The registration fee may be paid by debit card over the phone or by bank transfer, using your child's name as your reference. Account Name: St Gabriel's School Foundation. Account Number: 65326369. Sort Code: 60-15-07. Bank: NatWest, Market Place, Newbury
• A copy of the biometric page of the applicant’s passport must be forwarded to the School.

Registration Fee

The registration fee will be paid by*

Parent Declaration

request that our child is registered as a prospective pupil of St Gabriel’s. We understand that the Terms & Conditions will undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require, and will apply in all our dealings with the school.

Agreed by*