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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 6 Trip to Winchester Science Centre

Year 6 visited the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium in January. This centre is an immersive experience into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The pupils had fun exploring space and the solar system in the planetarium. One Year 6 pupil has shared her experience on the trip:


Before we set off there was a lot of excitement in the bus and a lot of people were curious and thinking about what it would be like.


For the first half an hour or so we had some free time to explore the museum, and we went off in pairs. My partner was Luke, we went to a big guitar and learnt about sound and how sound waves are vibrations. Then we went to the planetarium and learnt about the constellations. We saw the Big and Little Dipper, who were bears, and we also looked at the different planets. Then we looked at the galaxy and the big black hole the sun is circling it was really cool.


Then we went back out and built a giant wall and ran through it! We ate lunch and explored the downstairs area which was more specifically about space. They had crystals and a real space suit. We also looked at the water cycle. There was a room with a wonky floor; in the corner you were small and in the middle you were tall. I went upstairs and found my name in sign language! 


Before we knew it was time to go. We played Uno on the bus home it was really fun. I would love to go back to the Winchester Science Museum. Thank you to Mrs Lonsdale for organising it!

- Grace, year 6

If you are interested in visiting the Science Centre, find out more here

- Emily Jennings