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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 6 to Mill on the Brue!

On 23 May, Year 6 visited Mill on the Brue, in Somerset.  

When we arrived, everyone was super excited, and we were assigned our rooms straight away. After that we got split into our groups for the week. There were Otters, led by Mr. Dove, Magpies, led by Miss. Pearmine, and Owls, led by Mrs. Dye.

The first day was so much fun! We found out about a food waste challenge, where we had to make sure St Gabriel's created zero food waste and if we succeeded then we won a prize. We were all determined to win the prize and not let each other down. Throughout the week we did lots of activities, including one called 'night line'. In this activity, everyone had blackened goggles (so we could not see) and we had to hold into each other and go through an obstacle course. It was a lot of fun, and it helped us get stronger with our communication and teamwork. 

Another activity was called 'leap of faith'. In this activity, you have to climb up a small tower and then jump off and hit a ball. Some people were nervous, but everyone's encouragement helped them face their fears. Other activities included the zip wire, tunnelling, low ropes, orienteering and the assault course. 

At the end of the week, each group had to race against each other and this was really exciting. In the end, the Otters won! When we had to pack up and leave the staff team at Mill on the Brue, it was announced that we had won the zero food waste challenge! We were given a zero hero's bracelet! 

Before we got back on the bus, we all went on a walk around Dovecot and we each got an ice cream! This was an amazing trip, and we all really enjoyed it!

- Nancy Redmond, Head Girl