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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 3 Explores The Living Rainforest

In a captivating educational endeavour, the Year 3 pupils of St Gabriel's recently embarked on a journey to The Living Rainforest. Guided by their dedicated teachers, the students ventured into this biodiverse ecosystem, bridging classroom knowledge with real-world experience.

The excursion provided a remarkable opportunity for the pupils to witness firsthand the complexities of the rainforest climate, enriching their understanding of ecological systems. Engaging in a search for Cinnamon the sloth heightened the adventure, imbuing the learning experience with interactive elements.

During the guided session on "Amazing Adaptations," pupils explored the various layers of the rainforest and gained insight into the unique life forms that inhabit each stratum. This immersive experience not only deepened their appreciation for biodiversity but also fostered a curiosity to explore further.

As the visit to The Living Rainforest concludes, observers reflect on the invaluable lessons learnt and the enthusiasm ignited amongst the pupils. This excursion marks the beginning of an ongoing exploration into the rainforest's cultural significance and environmental challenges.