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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Reception & Pre-School Dive into Role-Play Fun

In a delightful fusion of learning and play, Reception and Pre-School pupils recently engaged in a captivating Pop-up and Play session. Partnering with a specialised company, the young learners embarked on a journey of imagination and discovery through a series of engaging role-play scenarios.

Amidst laughter and excitement, the children immersed themselves in various professions, donning different costumes and assuming diverse roles. From aspiring doctors tenderly attending to their patients to industrious builders constructing imaginative structures, children embraced each role with enthusiasm and creativity.

In the nurturing environment of the school's nursery, little caregivers tenderly looked after baby dolls, fostering empathy and nurturing skills. Meanwhile, at the charming makeshift café, young baristas and servers delighted in serving up imaginary treats, honing their social and interactive skills.

As the day unfolded, the school buzzed with the energy of young minds exploring, creating, and collaborating. Through this immersive experience, the Reception and Pre-School children not only enjoyed a day filled with laughter and fun but also acquired valuable life skills and ignited their imaginations.