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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 2's Adventure at The Story Museum

The Junior School embarked on an enchanting journey as Year 2 pupils visited The Story Museum in Oxford. Led by their enthusiastic guide, Lucy, the day unfolded with a tapestry of tales and discoveries.

The adventure commenced with Lucy's captivating storytelling, as she shared a traditional tale from Turkey amidst the whispering trees of The Whispering Wood. Here, the pupils delved into the nuances of oral storytelling, distinguishing it from the written word.

As the day progressed, pupils explored the museum's treasures, each whispering tree revealing its own tale and secret. Their excitement peaked when they stumbled upon the story of Anansi, a beloved character from their drama lessons.

A highlight of the visit was the challenge to remove 'the sword in the stone,' inspired by the legendary tale of King Arthur. Despite valiant attempts, the sword remained steadfast, yet the experience ignited the pupils' imaginations.

Next, the children ventured into The Treasure Chamber, where they discovered the power of small actions through immersive exhibits with a recycling and sustainability theme.

Continuing their journey, the pupils entered the Enchanted Library, where they embarked on adventures reminiscent of beloved literary classics. From Pooh sticks in the Hundred Acre Wood to snowy Narnia and the rabbit hole of Wonderland, the children were transported into worlds of wonder and imagination.

The day culminated in a workshop where Year 2 collaborated to craft stories inspired by the magic rule of three, drawing from tales such as The Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Reflecting on the day's adventures, it was evident that Year 2 had experienced a truly magical day, brimming with drama, curiosity, imagination, and storytelling.