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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Reception and Pre-School Enjoy Pop Up and Play Session

St Gabriel's Reception and Pre-School pupils recently experienced a delightful Pop Up and Play session, where imagination and creativity took center stage. The young children had the opportunity to dress up and roleplay as various professionals, engaging in activities that sparked joy and learning.

Some of the children transformed into doctors and patients, using their medical kits to heal each other and learning about healthcare in a playful setting. Meanwhile, others ran a bustling café, serving tea, coffee, and sweet treats to their friends, practicing social skills and teamwork.

A group of budding construction workers took on the challenge of building structures with toy bricks, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and creativity. Another group cared for babies in a nursery setup, demonstrating empathy and nurturing skills.

The Pop Up and Play session was a huge success, providing Reception and Pre-School pupils with a fun and educational experience that allowed them to explore different professions and develop important social and cognitive skills. The day was filled with laughter, learning, and imaginative play, leaving everyone excited for more such activities in the future.