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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

The Police Visit Our Nursery!

On the 12 January, shortly after 14.00pm, sirens were heard outside St Gabriel's Nursery. On further investigation, we discovered that the police had arrived!

Fortunately this was not a crime scene and there were no disasters occurring, but even so many fingerprints were taken. The preschool children were fascinated and excited to have the one-in-a-million chance to chat to the police and learn about their jobs and the different ways they protect us. Several little officers were quickly nominated and dressed up in reflective clothes!

There was a Q & A session after this and then the children got the chance to go out and see the police van and its flashing lights, and that's when the police turned on the siren - not to rush off and answer an emergency call, but to give 34 excited pre-schoolers the chance to hear it sound up close. They even enjoyed the chance to sit in the armoured back seat - although none were detained! This was a lovely visit from the community and a fantastic experience for our youngest pupils.