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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Junior Dance Assembly

A Monday treat for the Junior School!

This dance assembly was a mini dance show requested by Head Girls Helena B and Tillie H, along with Camilla S. These girls are keen dancers outside of school and asked if they could share some of their routines with the Junior School. Word spread to Years 7 and 8 who were more than happy to perform too. 

Thanks to Mrs Hastings’ support, this was a brilliant and entertaining way to start the week. The girls’ performances were all full of talent and enthusiasm. The performances are as follows:

  1. Unstoppable - Tillie H (Year 6) & Ella C (Year 7)
  2. Be Kind to Your Parents - Helena B (Year 6)
  3. Seasons of Love - Hattie B
  4. Tap Amalgamation - Camilla S (Year 6) & Tillie H (Year 6)
  5. No Roots - Ellie A, Lola A & Isabelle P (Year 8)