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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Junior Mathematics

Mathematics in the Junior School follows the structure of the National Curriculum. Pupils work at levels appropriate to their ability. They learn to apply their knowledge and skills, solve problems of a practical and investigative nature and communicate their ideas to others using appropriate mathematical equipment, pictures and language. All activities are sequenced to ensure progression, which may be by means of direct teaching to the class, to small groups or by providing experiences in practical tasks through using a wide range of equipment and resources.

  • Maths 1

    St Gabriel's School 115.jpg
    Maths 1
  • Maths 2

    St Gabriel's School 108 - Copy.jpg
    Maths 2
  • Maths 3

    image00010 (2).jpeg
    Maths 3
  • Maths 4

    St Gabriel's School 112 - Copy.jpg
    Maths 4
  • Maths 5

    St Gabriel's School 123.jpg
    Maths 5
  • Maths 6

    St Gabriel's School 118.jpg
    Maths 6