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News from the Junior Art Room

Portraits Inspired by Modigliani

This term Year 6 have been focusing on Portraits. The children learnt about proportions, and what to focus on while drawing a portrait. They focused on every detail while drawing a face and paying extra attention to the eyes. The children started to use cross hatching in their drawing and learnt how to make their work look 3D with the use of perspective, shading and tone. The young artists then had a go at drawing a self-portraits.

In lessons they looked at the portrait work of numerous artists, and observed how portraiture has changed during the years. The pupils found Modigliani’s work very interesting and after observing his unique way of painting  created portraits in his style.  Year 6 carefully noted Modigliani’s influence from African masks and the Egyptian art- the elegant long necks and almond shaped eyes and applied it in their work. The children realised that Modigliani mainly painted portraits, even though it was considered a bit old fashioned back then. We used oil pastels on black paper to achieve these quite striking portraits. Well done, Year 6!

Self Portraits Y6 St Gabriel's