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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Eco Club 2019

Eco Club members meet weekly to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects. 

Head Girl, Ellie, Year 13, gives an update on key projects the Eco Club has focused on and creative plans for the future.

"I started Eco Club in September, as it had been highly requested at the Summer Term’s School Council meeting and I thought that the school could do more to improve its environmental sustainability. With the help of Elizabeth, Year 12, I have led weekly meetings to discuss and implement our ideas and expand our knowledge of the state of our environment globally.

So far, the club has carried out an audit of the paper recycling bins in the Senior School. This was a great success as we now have one in every classroom. Members of the club also created and put up posters that were designed to increase awareness of ways in which everyone can help the environment. 

We have also pitched to the Executive Board, why we think it would be beneficial for the school to have a vegetable patch. This was one of our original ideas when we started the club, so we hope to see a vegetable patch being built by the Sixth Form Farmhouse soon.

In the future, we would love to help the school become more self-sufficient in terms of energy. Although it will take a great deal of effort and probably a few years, we are looking into machines that would take all of the school's waste and turn it into energy. The energy released would be enough to power the whole of the North Block, which would be amazing.

We are currently thinking of ways that we could start the fundraising process for this; having a sponsored walk in the Summer Term is one idea that we have had."