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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

  • Sandleford & Junior School Open Morning - Thursday 13 February

  • Senior School & Sixth Form Open Morning - Friday 13 March

Building Buddies

Danica Trim, Sales Manager from David Wilson Homes visited our Year 6 Building Buddies on Tuesday 27 November.  The project involves St Gabriel’s partnering with David Wilson Homes as part of a year-long project.  The new school award scheme initially involved our pupils creating a name and designing a logo for a new housing development.

We were delighted to hear the winning design was Neve, Year 6, for her wonderful swan design for the “Oaken Hedges” development. Danica presented our Building Buddies with large prints of their designs and took the time to talk about the next phase of the project.  This will involve a focus on sales and marketing, where pupils can apply their creative ideas and learn more about the construction industry.

As a school, we put a high value on STEM careers and this scheme is a really effective way to engage our pupils. The designs our buddies created are of an exceptional standard and I look forward to seeing their work throughout the project.

Peter DOVE, Head of Junior School

Split into four quarters, the Building Buddies Award is set to teach young children about planning and land, sales and marketing, technical and design and construction. The winner of each competition will be presented with a prize, whilst the school itself will be presented the coveted Building Buddies Award in a ceremony towards the end of the school year.

Building Buddies runs on Tuesday lunchtimes and is open to all Year 6 pupils.