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Year 6 Takeover Newsletter

Our weekly Junior School Newsletter is normally collated by Mr Dove and shared with parents via our Parent Portal. However, Year 6 took control of the last edition and we feel their articles deserve a wider audience!

Year 6 trip to Winchester Science Museum.

We arrived at the museum and we had a snack before exploring the science behind our lives. Downstairs, there is a magnificent airlock full of fun facts and games about our galaxy. There were a lot of fun activities to do but most of our favourite was the little big room: it was an optical illusion room where people can feel bigger and smaller than they actually are. Connected to the airlock was an area with cool activities to do. There were two mirrors, one that would stretch you and the other that would squash you. We went upstairs to the planetarium. Where we sat in darkness on reclining seats and found out about the planets in our solar system, the fabulous star constellations in our night sky and looked at why Pluto and other dwarf planets aren’t normal planets. After the show had finished, we explored the upper level where there were lots of mind challenging tasks and agility testing experiments. The digestive system tunnel showed us different body facts and how different foods affect your body. Afterwards, in a workshop we learned about the new telescope called Webb that’s going up to space in 2021 replacing the Hubble telescope.

By Clare


History – World War Two

The past few weeks Year 6 have been learning about evacuation. At the start of the term we learnt about the Phoney War, and how the children got evacuated from the 1st September 1939. Most of the children went to the countryside or abroad to places such as: Canada, America and other places. In their bag they would take:

  • Pyjamas
  • Gas mask
  • Clean summer clothes
  • Clean winter clothes
  • Underwear
  • And Sunday best and lots more.

evacueesThey would be wearing Sunday best shoes and clothes to meet their new host family. All of Year 6 in their history lesson wrote an evacuee letter explaining their experience being with a new family. We had to imagine that we were one of the children that had to leave their families because of war. As you can see in the picture all of the children are wearing a label explaining who they are, their date of birth and were they are from. Also what you can see is a little bag that they carry around with them everywhere which has their gas mask in. There were over 38 million gas masks issued, but they were no use because there was never any gas attacks in Britain.

By Grace & Eleanor


Pillars of Character

Six pillars of characterWe have six pillars of character. We get a new pillar of character each term . If we show that we have used the character in our school day we get given a special sticker with an image to do with the character. Its name is on the sticker too. The pillars are: Responsibility, Respect, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. 

This term our pillar of character is RESPECT . We have asked one person from each year group about what they think RESPECT is:

Year 1: Pierce :”RESPECT earns pillar of character “

Year 2: Connie : “RESPECT means when you treat people nicely”

Year 3: Isla : “RESPECT means to be nice to someone “

Year 4: Stijn : “RESPECT means happiness”

Year 5: Penny : “RESPECT means looking after people’s belongings “

Year 6: Tabitha : “RESPECT is when you appreciate someone”

By Josie


Looking Forward

This term we have been practising for this year’s dance show, which is coming up in March. Our dance is Spanish themed so in our dance we wear long red skirts and flowers in our hair. We have been working really hard on our dance every Friday. It is taking place in the Arlington Arts Theatre in the evening. We are really excited and can’t wait! We also found out our parts last Friday for the Year 6 production: we were waiting eagerly for a long time to hear them but finally we did! We are all very happy with our parts and can’t wait to properly perform them in the summer. Although it is a long while away, we are really looking forward to the Mill on the Brue trip in May. We don’t know what we are going to do there but we are sure we are going to have a great time! We will be gone for a week but hopefully we won’t get homesick. We are all really excited for the upcoming events and we all think that year 6 has been our best year so far!

By Tabitha and Alice


Interview with our Junior School Head Girls

What is your favourite subject?

Clare: P.E.

Vaibhavi: Science

What is your favourite memory of your time at St Gabriel’s?

Clare: When I dressed up as a cave man in art!

Vaibhavi: When someone pronounced Clare’s surname as Mc Donald’s!

What’s your favourite sport?

Clare: Athletics

Vaibhavi: Netball

How long have you been at St Gabriel’s?

Clare: Almost 5 years

Vaibhavi: 7 and a half years

If you were in charge of the Junior School what would you do?

Clare: I would cover the school in chocolate and then eat it all.

Vaibhavi: Create a huge netball tournament with the teachers and ban all lessons.

By Tilly


Life as a Reception Prefect

In Year 6 some of us get the privilege of being Reception prefects. Having this privilege means that every lunch break, we go over to Reception and play with them. This year’s Reception prefects are Zara, Jasmyn, Elsie and Gabby. Our favourite games to play with Reception children are tag, hide and seek and, best of all, find the gems in the sandpit. We enjoy playing with them and making memories. We all have certain days to go and play with them. When it’s raining, we all go inside to do puzzles, draw and sometimes some other games.

By Zara


The Wright Stuff

Over the last term we have been playing lots of sport. Last week Year 6 played a mini tournament against St. Hugh’s and Beaudesert. It was a long journey but when we got there we were ready to play some netball. We won both matches and we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and tried different positions. It was a very good experience and we all loved it.

As sports captain my job is to 

  • Help people to learn and engage in sport. ·
  • Encourage people to play more sport. ·
  • Help people feel more comfortable and confident when they are doing sport. ·
  • Help people like sport more in every way possible

Pupils can come and talk to me if they want any help. I also want to hear about their achievements in sport. Well done to everyone who took part in this week’s gym competition and hope everyone takes part in lots of sport in the half term.

By Neve, Junior School Sports Captain