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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Religious Studies and Ethics

In A level Religious Studies, students develop further their conceptual understanding of philosophy, religion and ethics, whilst also grappling with how the greatest philosophers have dealt with concepts such as 'Life After Death' and 'The Problem of Evil'. Through vibrant discussion and innovative techniques, they evaluate philosophical constructs, such as evidence of design in the natural world pointing to an intelligent classical designer, and learn to develop and justify their own viewpoint. The Ethics units also combine well with science A levels to prepare for science and medical degrees.

The school's VLE Sixth Form page is populated with in excess of 500 resources to enrich students' study. You do not need any personal belief to study the subject - just an interest in the questions involved.

It is an academic subject highly regarded by universities for admission to Arts or Humanities/Social Science degree courses. Each year, our students are inspired to continue their studies at university in Theology and subjects allied to Religious Studies, such as Philosophy and Social Anthropology.