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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s


The Music Department aims to provide an experience which promotes enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of music, primarily through an aural/vocal approach. The syllabus is designed to give pupils a basic understanding of the elements of music: pitch, duration, timbre, texture, structure, tempo and dynamics. It also gives them exposure to a wide variety of musical styles.

Pupils are encouraged to develop:

  • an accurate sense of pitch and an understanding of the voice of the instrument
  • secure rhythmic skills
  • creative thinking through their music-making

Each year group, as well as learning about music theory and doing lots of singing, take part in structured group instrumental sessions, led by specialist teachers. This is a very popular scheme whereby pupils gain experience in a variety of instruments and learn to perform fun music while improving their musical skills. It is an ideal entry point for learning an instrument and many pupils take up individual instrumental lessons to develop their skills further.

In Year 1 children learn the violin; Year 2 the ukulele; Year 3 the recorder, fife and chalumeau; Year 4 the PBone, and Year 5 and Year 6 the piano/keyboard.

Please contact the Admissions Manager for information on individual instrumental lessons, trial lessons and an application form.