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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Classical Greek

The aim of the course is to produce students who feel confident in tackling set texts (prose and verse) selected from some of the greatest writers who have lived: Homer, Euripides, Plato and Herodotus.  Pupils develop the ability to analyse complex text, to further their historical and cultural understanding, and to translate sophisticated Classical Greek into fluent and elegant English.  The course encourages students to think logically and independently in the translating of unseen passages.

For all set texts, students are expected to have a thorough knowledge of content and style.  Thus, the ability to discuss metaphors, similes and other literary techniques is as important as being able to provide straight translation.

A level Greek students are an integral part of the Classics Department, which runs a variety of activities designed to reinforce learning, including trips to Pompeii (2014), Greece (2016) and to Sicily in 2018.  We believe in Classics as a living subject and are frequent museum and theatre-goers.