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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 5 Trip to Reading Museum

On Thursday 16 March, Year 5 travelled to Reading Museum to complement their history studies on Victorians.

In addition to learning about the Victorians, Year 5 were able to learn about the Romans and Normans thanks to the museum's other galleries, one of which includes an amazing re-creation of the Bayeux Tapestry. 

After a brilliant quiz on biscuit tins, based on the famous display in the Huntley and Palmers gallery, Year 5 headed for the highlight of the day, an afternoon in the Victorian classroom. Everyone donned an apron or an Eton collar, and was instantly changed into a child from 150 years ago. Discipline was fierce from the outset. We marched in and responded to the register of their newly-adopted Victorian names. The pupils then had to face arithmetic with £, s and d, writing with slates and dip pens, and a lot of rote learning...some did not pay enough attention and were punished with a dunce's cap and the cane!  

It was all huge fun - but maybe only for the afternoon, rather than every day!