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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 4 & "The Life of John Blanke"

On Tuesday 17 January, Year 4 were treated to a live online workshop from Historic Royal Palaces. 

The workshop, ‘Zoom Through History’ was all about the remarkable life of John Blanke, a man of whom many of us know very little. 

Firstly, pupils were introduced to using primary sources to identify what happened throughout history. They discovered that there was very little evidence of John’s early or later life, but there was plenty describing his time whilst working for King Henry VII and his son King Henry VIII. 

The children (and teachers) were fascinated to find out that John was a trumpeter for both Kings and played at key events such as Henry VII funeral and the coronation of Henry VIII. He was also the first and only Tudor person of colour with an identifiable image. WOW!

The children decided that he must have been a very talented and respected musician to be chosen at such important events. Thank you, Mrs Dye for organising this amazing event!