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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 3 Trip to Rushall Farm

Year 3 went on an exciting trip to Rushall Farm to support their science learning. 

The class was split into two groups and the day consisted of lots of interesting activities. These included: visiting the sheep, seeing honey bees in their hive, pond dipping, log rolling, net sweeping, woodland walk, tractor ride, visiting the cows, feeding the chickens and looking at the chalk wall.

I learned that both cows and sheep have four stomachs!


Our guide explained that sheep are marked with a colour to show how many lambs they are going to have. 


I learnt that the trees in the woods date back to the Anglo-Saxon era!


I loved going pond dipping. My group found lots of weird creatures including a dragonfly nymph. 


The chalk wall we saw was over 65 million years old! We saw some iridium which is evidence of the dinosaur's extinction. 

Elodie & luca

I found out that iridium comes from space, and it was found at the chalk site on the farm. 


Queen Bees in a hive are marked with yellow paint, and they are bigger than all other bees in the hive. 

Georgia & francesca