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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 3 Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

All of Year 3 enjoyed their trip back in time to use all their senses for a taste, feel, smell, touch and sight of Ancient Britain!

The first activity was going to look around a Celtic round house. We saw how the smoke goes up and up and through a hole on the highest point of the roof!


When we arrived, Shaun took us to an entrance to a Celtic village with an animal scull to scare off evil spirits and show that they were fierce and well-trained warriors. Inside, we came to a round house with an oven, a fire, and a cauldron. The walls were made of wattle (manure, mud, clay, and dirt) and daub (sticks and straw weaved together. The cone-shaped roof stopped the birds and mini beasts getting in. They had benches and deer skins to sit on.


The Roman villa was really fancy. When we were waiting to go in, we saw the garden which was very beautiful. We went into the living room and saw a chaise lounge. There were lots of pictures of dead people which when the Romans left Britain, the Celts didn't steal their homes because they thought it was haunted. In the study there was a mosaic, a stool, another chaise lounge and usually a servant who had their tongue cut out, so they didn't blab secrets. We also saw the dining room where they would have entertainment. We also saw the outside toilets where there were sponges on sticks. You could invite friends round and sit on the toilet while playing boardgames. The toilets were holes!


At lunchtime, we all sat in the goat's enclosure and enjoyed our lunch. For the third activity we did chalk carving in the baking sun. We had to go into a roundhouse, where there was a big fire and bread oven in the middle. I cut myself with a deadly sharp piece of flint. I carved an eye with eyelashes in it. I did it because I wanted it to watch over me in the night.


For our fourth activity we were each digging in separate boxes of sand and found a lot of ancient artefacts.