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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 3 Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

On Monday 27 June, Year 3 went to Butser Ancient Farm to explore how people lived in the Iron Age.

For their first activity, the children took on the role of archaeologists and used a trowel to discover ancient artefacts that were buried in the ground. Elodie found a horseshoe, Georgia found a rust hook and Freya discovered a jaw bone of an animal which even had the teeth intact.

Next, they were taught how to use a drop spindle to spin fleece into strings of wool and managed to make friendship bracelets! After lunch, the children made thumb pots inspired by Roman pottery with funny faces of them. This was a very messy activity!

The day ended after a tour of a Celtic Roundhouse and a Roman Villa.

- Mrs Lonsdale, Year 3