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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 2 Visit The Story Museum

Year 2 enjoyed a magical day out visiting The Story Museum in Oxford.

The day began with a ‘Story Porridge’ workshop; the children joined in re-telling the familiar story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff before working collaboratively in groups to create their own stories.

Telling the story of the Three Billy Goats was fun because we got to act it out!


Each group chose an animal to be their family of three (small, medium and large), came up with a problem facing the family and decided how they were going to solve it. The children shared their stories with everyone showcasing some amazing acting and narrating skills.

Following on from this it was time to explore the galleries. The children were enchanted in the ‘Whispering Wood’ and learnt all about the traditions of oral storytelling from around the world. They all tried to extract King Arthur's sword, sadly none of us were ‘born to rule’ so the sword stayed stuck fast.  The children listened to stories, solved puzzles, made magical discoveries behind fairy doors and tied ribbons on the wish tree.

My favourite thing was the Whispering Wood because there were fairy doors and there were trees that told us stories. 


From there we moved to the bright and colourful world of comics. The children loved being superheroes and some familiar characters, writing their own comic plot ideas and looking at all the wonderful examples of comics on display. The final gallery the ‘Enchanted Library’ was a huge hit and the children were able to lose themselves in imaginary worlds large and small and learn about their creators. We went through the wardrobe into Narnia, played Pooh sticks in the 100 Acre Wood, soared in the snowy sky with The Snowman and fell down the rabbit hole with Alice into Wonderland.

I liked being in a comic, it was fun!


I loved going through the wardrobe into Narnia!


Following a quick lunch break to refuel we wrapped up and headed out to the grounds of Christ Church College for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ city walk. The children were shown the places that inspired Lewis Carroll, and we talked about the fact he was a Mathematician and that Alice was a real little girl. The children played games, solved riddles and even dressed up as we learnt all about the story and its famous characters.

I liked the Alice in Wonderland walk because I dressed up as the White Rabbit.