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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Year 12 & 13 Visit Boundless Outdoors

Before officially starting Sixth Form, Year 12 & 13 headed off on an exciting trip to Boundless Outdoors!

This trip was an amazing experience and a great chance to bond with each other and the year above. We had the funniest instructor named Lee, who motivated everyone to participate, even those who were terrified of heights! Every single person completed the high ropes' activity (which was extremely high!). This activity involved moving across obstacles, bridges, and even swings in midair.

Other activities we enjoyed included archery, crate stacking in midair, quad pole (this activity is where you climb up a high pole and fit four team members on the tiny platform at the top, which requires lots of communication and teamwork), and team building. Our team building activity involved challenges such as fitting every team member through different sized holes in a net, which sometimes included carrying one another! We had to trust in each other and our physical strength!

The night ended with a gorgeous sunset walk, and we watched the sunset from the top of a 450m hill, which was the best view for miles around! The food was delicious and throughout the trip we were all begging for the Polish cake recipe.

The whole of the Boundless Outdoors team made us feel so welcome, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to go, I would definitely return if given the chance!

- Millie, Year 12