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Meet our Head & Deputy Head Girl

Our 2023-2024 Head Girl, Lara, and Deputy Head Girl, Stephanie, share their experience of life at St Gabriel's, their leadership roles, and their plans for the future.

What is your favourite memory of your time at school so far? 

Lara: I have had too many amazing memories; it is so hard to choose just one. However, if I did have to choose one, it would be the assembly we organised in Year 7 about National Appreciation Day. At the end of the assembly, we performed a dance routine to ‘Salute’ by Little Mix. The atmosphere was amazing, we put face paint on, we enjoyed the massive applause and cheers!

Stephanie: I would have to say my favourite memory was the House Performances last year. It was truly an amazing chance to see the entire school working together to showcase such fantastic talent. It was my first time ever seeing a house event at this school, and it didn’t disappoint! The actual day of the performance was great as we all banded together as a house for rehearsals and to fine-tune our entry to be the best it could be. 

What are you studying at A level?

Lara: I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Mandarin Chinese.

Stephanie: For A-levels, I am studying Business Studies, English and Religious Studies 

What made you choose these subjects?

Lara: I’ve been studying Mandarin since Year 1 and when I chose it for a GCSE, I knew it would be an A-Level choice of mine. I chose Biology because I love learning about the different parts of the body, the functions that happen inside the body and how they work. I also chose Biology because it pairs very nicely with Chemistry which is my third A Level. Chemistry is my favourite subject as I love learning about chemical reactions and why things happen the way they do. The experiments we get to do as part of the A Level course are an added bonus. 

Stephanie: I am hoping to be a lawyer in the future, so I researched what A Level subjects were recommended for this degree. I chose English which is a subject I find to be really engaging. I really enjoyed Religious Studies at GCSE because of the focus on philosophy and ethics which is something I study in more detail as part of the A Level course. Business Studies is a new subject for me, but I find that it balances my two essay based subjects really well and lets me approach learning from another perspective. 

Tell us about securing the role of Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl?

Lara: To apply for the role of Head Girl, I first had to send a formal letter to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Trevis explaining why I would be a suitable Head Girl and what I hope to achieve in the role. Following this, I had to attend an interview with Mrs Chapman and Mrs Trevis where they asked me a variety of questions. This part of the process was quite formal, but thankfully I do quite well under pressure and felt I answered their questions the best I could. After waiting throughout the Easter holiday, I found out in an assembly that I had been appointed as Head Girl.  The assembly was nerve-wracking, but I was so thrilled that I was chosen for the role.

Stephanie: It was a process of two parts. Firstly, I had to write a letter to apply for Head Girl and explain why I was suited for the role. I was then invited to an interview with Mrs Trevis and Mrs Chapman a couple of weeks later where we spoke about what the Head Girl would be doing and what we specifically wanted to bring to the role. The interview was a little daunting, but at the end of the day it was a great opportunity to explain my vision for the school and why I wanted to contribute to it. All of Sixth Form Officer positions were announced in assembly, that was probably the most nerve-wracking part of the whole process, but I was thrilled to get Deputy Head Girl.

What duties will you be performing as Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl?

Lara: As Head Girl, I will be assisting with many school events, such as Open Morning, Speech Day and induction days to various year groups. I will also be running School Council and Food Committee as well as attending weekly meetings with the Vice Principal, Mrs Chapman.

Stephanie: As Deputy Head Girl, I will be attending Open Mornings, giving speeches at welcome evenings, and attending weekly meetings with the Vice Principal, Mrs Chapman. As well as this, I shall be co-running the School Council and Food Committee with Lara to ensure that the student voice is represented. 

What are you excited about achieving as Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl?

Lara: As Head Girl, I would like to increase communication between the leadership team and the students. To achieve this, I plan to organise regular meetings with each year group. Additionally, I hope to start more clubs because it is very important that the pupils have somewhere they can go each week to have fun. This will be one of the topics I will raise at my meetings with each year group and will take requests for additional clubs that are popular. House events are a huge part of school life, so I plan to increase the number of these events throughout the year. For example, themed quizzes. My hope is that this will encourage pupils to interact with others in their house which will improve teamwork and communication for larger collaborative house projects, such as the performances in December. 

Stephanie: I am really excited to be working with the houses to hopefully set up another large house event for the whole Senior School. The house system is such a vital part of the school's community, and I would love to increase house pride and student participation. These events are also a great opportunity to have fun and get to know other pupils in different years. I am also looking forward to working directly with the School Council and the Food Committee to amplify our pupil's voices and enact meaningful change in everybody's day-to-day lives. 

What qualities do you think are important to bring to the role?

Lara: As Head Girl, I will be working with the Sixth Form Officer team on a regular basis, so being a team player is very important. I will also need to be approachable for the younger years, so they can come to me if they need to discuss anything. Punctuality is also a key quality as the position requires attendance to many events and meetings. I also think great communication and organisational skills are crucial to the role of Head Girl. 

Stephanie: Being approachable, flexible, and having good leadership skills are all really important qualities to bring. I want the lower years to feel comfortable to talk to me, especially as I want to strengthen the sense of community within the school. Being able to be flexible is also key, as everything will not go directly to plan one hundred percent of the time, so being able to improvise or adjust plans will be an essential skill. The ability to lead a group so that they feel incentivised and can work together as a team is also very important.  

Do you have any hobbies or passions?

Lara: I love watching the football and Formula 1. I watch sports as a way to relax and de-stress, and it is a great feeling when the team I support does well. I also play a lot of chess at home and every week in Chess Club with Stephanie. 

Stephanie: I am a very artistic person, but none of my A Level subjects are art-based. Therefore, I spend my spare time de-stressing by sketching or painting. I have been interested in archery for a long time, and I have found that it is a very rewarding sport to learn. Additionally, I play a lot of chess, at home and at Chess Club with Lara. I also enjoy attending the Debating Club at school, which has improved my public speaking skills and confidence levels. 

What would you say to anyone joining St Gabriel’s?

Lara: St Gabriel’s has been my second home, and it has given me so much over the time I have been here. I would tell anyone joining St Gabriel's, that when you have the option to choose your subjects for either GCSE or A Level, you should choose the subjects that you love. The teachers are amazing and will always help you out when you need it. The Officers team in Sixth Form are also there if you need any support. I would also say that you should take full advantage of the many opportunities given to you. Try a new club, it may not be for you but how can you know if you haven’t tried! Above all, work hard and have fun and make the most of your time here because soon enough you will be deciding your future.

Stephanie: I would say to make the most of the opportunities given to you in the time that you are here. St Gabriel’s offers a huge variety of clubs and events that are really special, and you’ll definitely find something here for you. These opportunities are also a great way to meet other people both in your year and across the school. Overall, your time at St Gabriel's flies by in no time so make sure to enjoy it as much as possible! 

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Lara: I would like to go into a Chemistry based course at university, that being either pharmacology or forensic science. I then hope to be either working with the police, analysing evidence and finding substances that could be the key to cracking a case, or in a massive company creating a new vaccine or a new drug that could cure an illness.

Stephanie: Hopefully, I want to be working as either a barrister or a solicitor at a law firm. Law has always been an area of interest for me, and I hope that I will be able to explore it further and develop my own understanding of this subject.