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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Cross Curricular Week

The children are now Egyptology and archaeology experts through their hands on learning, both on their big day out to Oxford and in school. 

Most schools have their traditions which help to make them unique. In the Junior School, the last week before May half-term has long been a special week which allows staff and pupils to adapt their timetables and create a new schedule of activities, opportunities and trips to help broaden and enrich the whole experience of learning. 

This week, Reception to Year 4 have been immersed in the history, geography, art and culture of Ancient Egypt – always a popular topic which children find fascinating. Memories have been made to last a lifetime!

The week kicked off with an exciting trip to the Ashmolean Museum where they had time to explore the Egyptian Prehistory gallery in the Ancient World section. Looking at artefacts, mummies, frescos and Buddhas all helped their understanding of Ancient Egypt, and they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop playing an 'i-spy hunt' and handling artefacts over 4000 years old, such as an original Egyptian mirror.

Back at school our young historians became familiar with hieroglyphs and wrote their name on individual clay cartouches. Playing games such as 'Guess the Gods' the Year 1 team were amazed how the children could pronounce and remember names such as Osirus 'God of the Underworld' and Hathor 'Goddess of love and music'. Then all their learning came together in our amazing History off the Page 'Life in Ancient Egypt' day when they joined years R-3 to not just hear about life in the past - but lived it through drama and role play. In fantastic colourful and stunning Egyptian costumes (thanks parents!), the Junior children spent the morning in character living during the reign of Akhenaten and took part in activities such as carving, tomb painting, making shabti dolls and perfume cones. 

After lunch there was an Egyptian festival in the marquee, showing the power of the court of Pharoah Akhenaten (Freddie) and Queen Nerfertiti (Louisa). All the children in their mixed year groups put on entertainment at the banquet - including the Dance of the Nile and the Wax Crocodile story!

What a fantastic Egyptian experience - a huge shout-out to Miss Smith for all her amazing organisation to make this special week happen. A truly unforgettable week for all! 

- Mrs Webb, Year 1 Teacher