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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Juniors Back in School

It has been a long time coming, but we are all thrilled to have all year groups back in the Junior School. There are 14 “bubbles” of pupils and staff from Reception to Year 6 and we are borrowing some of the Senior School classrooms and toilets to make this happen. The back lawn is divided up into “play zones” for each bubble to enjoy at break times, lunchtimes and lots of opportunities for outdoor learning. We are also fortunate to have acres of cool woodland to explore. The PE Department have been running sessions with each bubble to prepare pupils for our alternative Sports Day events. Although parents will not be able to attend all children will get to take part and have some fun.

There are many teaching and learning activities taking place: bubbles in Years 3-6 have been allocated a country and will be preparing presentations on the theme of “One World, Our World” to share with each other.

Our busy, happy school community is back together again. 

Back at school