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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

GCSE Art Exam Gallery 2018

A small selection of the work created by our GCSE Art, Photography and Art Textiles pupils in their 10 hour exam in 2018.

In Art Textiles Lucy and Jodie took their brought their creative plans and ideas to fruition, with the construction of a sculptural, textile head-piece. Lucy chose to respond to the exam topic of ‘Watercourses’, and Jodie responded to the topic ‘Wild’. Both head pieces were fashioned from wire and various fabrics, and included transfer printing, free machining and other experimental techniques.

In Photography Jess Hake created an impressive three-dimensional outcome in response to her chosen exam topic of ‘Celebrations’. Jess took photographs of Chinatown in London, as well as attending a Chinese New Year Celebration, where she captured many candid images of the lion and dragon dances in the streets. She combined many techniques to produce her final outcome, including darkroom photography, digital photography, laser-cutting and stencil printing.

  • Jodie Scott(1)

    Jodie Scott(1).jpg
    Jodie Scott(1)
  • Lucy Melling

    Lucy Melling.jpg
    Lucy Melling
  • Jess Hake Photography exam outcome

    Jess Hake Photography exam outcome.jpg
    Jess Hake Photography exam outcome
  • Jodie Scott

    Jodie Scott.jpg
    Jodie Scott
  • Imogen Woodford

    Imogen Woodford.JPG
    Imogen Woodford
  • Georgia Jackson-Day

    Georgia Jackson-Day.JPG
    Georgia Jackson-Day